Versioning and Publishing


You can create versions of your game configuration whenever you like. There are a number of reasons you might want to create a version, including:

You create a version by taking a Snapshot of your game's configuration:

Not Included? A game configuration Snapshot does not include any Admin Screens configuration you've built up in the Manage section nor any Experiment configuration you've set up.

To create a Snapshot:

1. Go to the Configurator > Game Overview page.

2. In the Snapshots panel, click to Create a new Snapshot. A Create Game Snapshot dialog appears.

3. Enter a description for the Snapshot - choose something meaningful so you'll be able to identify it in future when you might have multiple Snapshots.

4. Click to Create the new Snapshot under the entered Description. When you've created the Snapshot, it's listed in the Snapshots panel in the Game Overview:

5. From here you can perform the following actions (by clicking on the icons to the right of the description):

6. If your game is on the Development Pricing Tier, you won't be able to publish a game Snapshot to Live and you'll see a warning dialog when you click the Publish Snapshot button:

Mongo Database Collections for Snapshots

When you take a Snapshot, the platform records all of your game's configuration into a configuration set:

Game Data Indexes and Snapshots

When you create a game Snapshot, any indexes for Data Types you've created using the Game Data Service will be made available for your game's Live stage when you publish the Snapshot:

For more details, see the Data Types in Preview and Live section on the Data Explorer page.


Once you have configured and tested your game, you'll want to make it available to the public! The testing you have done to this point has been on the Preview servers. These servers allow you to develop your game but are not suitable for use by a significant number of players - there's a limit of imposed on the number of concurrent connections in Preview by game Pricing Tier - please see our Pricing webpage for details.

Don't Launch on Preview! You should not launch your game using the Preview servers because player devices will not be able to connect when concurrency limits are reached.

When you are ready to launch your game you need to save the configuration in a Snapshot and then publish it to the Live servers. These are designed for higher concurrency loads - please see our Pricing webpage for the Live concurrency limits imposed by game Pricing Tier.

IMPORTANT! If your game is Development Pricing Tier, you won't be able to publish to Live. You can upgrade your game's Pricing Tier to one that allows you to publish to Live from the Game Overview page. For details of what's included in the different available Pricing Tiers, please see our Pricing webpage.

Going Live Checklist! Before you attempt to create a Snapshot of your game and publish it to Live, please review the Going Live Checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly.