Leaderboards - Listing Entries


There are two requests which retrieve entries from Leaderboards. The first is AroundMeLeaderboardRequest. The second is LeaderboardDataRequest. There's also the GetLeaderboardEntriesRequest, which retrieves the current or specified player's ranking in selected Leaderboards. In combination or individually, these requests can easily be used to return lists of entries, which you can then display in-game.

IMPORTANT - Leaderboard entries will be lost for updated Leaderboards! If you edit a Leaderboard that has had entries posted to it, these entries will be lost when you save your editing changes and update the Leaderboard's configuration.

The Requests


This request retrieves a set amount of entries above and under the current player's position with an added option to include entries from the top or bottom of the Leaderboard. In depth documentation here.


This request returns a set amount of entries from the top of the list counting down. This is the simple way to return a list from the Leaderboard. In depth documentation here.


This request returns the current player or a given player's ranking and score for a selected Leaderboard or Leaderboards. In depth documentation here.