How to Create Time Based Leaderboards

You can use the GameSparks platform to create Leaderboards that are based on time. Examples of these are:

To implement time based Leaderboards, you'll need to perform some specific set up tasks.

This tutorial explains how to set up a time based Leaderboard. We'll go through the process of creating a Highest score in the last 30 days Leaderboard, one that is built once a month. After following the tutorial, you should be able to create other combinations for time based Leaderboards that meet your own requirements.

Creating the Event

1. To start, we need to start tracking in our Running Total the day a particular score was made. We'll create:

Note that we've added a default value to the DAY Attribute:

Expressions? See below for available expressions.

2. Click to Save and Close the new Event.

Creating the Running Total

3. Once we've configured the Event, we need to create a custom Running Total for the Event, one that allows us to have an entry for each player and day combination:

In this Running Total, note that we've included Day under Group By. This means the Running Total will keep a track of the player's scores for each day.

4. Click to Save and Close the Running Total.

Creating the Leaderboard

5. We can now create the Leaderboard to consume the Running Total data. Because it's a time based, we'll create a scheduled Leaderboard that:

Note that we've configured this Leaderboard:

With this kind of Leaderboard setup:

6. Click to Save and Close the new Leaderboard.


You can build expressions:

For more formatting options, see here.