Score Based Challenges


One of the most basic ways to win a Challenge is to score the highest or the lowest, depending on what your score represents. In this tutorial, we'll show examples of how to set up a Challenge which:

The Setup

Creating an Event

First, we create an Event for the Challenge.

1. Navigate to Configurator > Events.

2. Click to Add a new Event and configure the Event as shown below:

3. Click to Save and Close the new Event.

Creating a Running Total (For Lowest score ONLY)

In this next stage, we're going to create a Running Total for lowest score.

4. Navigate to Configurator > Leaderboards. The page opens with the Leaderboards tab selected.

5. Select the Running Totals tab, click to Add a new Running Total, and configure this as shown below:

6. Click to Save and Close the new Running Total.

Creating a Leaderboard

For this stage, we create a Leaderboard for your Challenge.

7. Navigate to Configurator > Leaderboards and click to Add a new Leaderboard.

8. Configure the Leaderboard as shown below.

9. If you want the Challenge to be won for:

10. Click to Save and Close the new Leaderboard.

Creating the Challenge

The last stage of our setting up is to create the Challenge.

11. Navigate to Configurator > Challenges. The Challenges page opens.

12. Click to Add a new Challenge and configure it as shown below:

13. Click to Save and Close the new Challenge.