Segmenting Players at Registration

The RegistrationRequest includes the option to pass in Segment/Value pairs for new players.

Using the Segment Input

To pass in a Segment or multiple Segments you'll need to input key/value pairs in the segment object when calling the RegistrationRequest. For this example we're going to be setting the Segment value for a player's faction at registration. Similar to UbiSoft's For Honor, when our player first registers, they're going to have to pick between Vikings, Samurai, or Knights as a faction.

To set our player's faction we're going to pass the following through the segment object:


You can input multiple segments this way:

{"faction":"Viking", "class":"Raider"}

The full request:

  "@class": ".RegistrationRequest",
  "displayName": "segPlayer23",
  "password": "pass",
  "segments": {"faction":"Viking"},
  "userName": "segPlayer23"

SDK Examples


--Set values


new GameSparks.Api.Requests.RegistrationRequest()

Unreal Blueprint