The Data Export functionality in GameSparks allows you to export your game data from the NoSQL collections and Game Data Service. Using the GameSparks REST API you can generate a presigned URL (valid for 24 hours) to download the following data:

Due to sensitivity of the data, the following fields are not included in the NoSQL export:

The NoSQL REST APIs can be used to retrieve the fields not included in the Data Export.

View the GameSparks REST API Overview for more information on using the GameSparks REST APIs.

We've designed our services to avoid the need for you to share or store personally identifiable information of your players on our services. However, if you've made certain choices - such as integrating with social networks or asking your players for personal data - then the Data Export will include such personal data that you've chosen to store on the service. You are responsible for employing appropriate safeguards and for complying with privacy law applicable to you. Additionally, by accessing your data through the Data Export, you may choose to transfer your game's data outside the region the game is deployed to; if you do so, you are responsible for compliance with any applicable data export regulations. For more information on managing player data, view the Player Data Management Guide.

There are two methods in place to generate a presigned URL to retrieve your games data. Both use the GameSparks REST API.

Method 1 example

To generate a presigned URL for GDS please visit this page and follow these steps.

To generate a presigned URL for MongoDB please visit this page and follow these steps. Enter your GameSparks username/password and

Method 2 example


The Data Export REST API uses the GameSparks JSON web token authentication type. For further details, see the GameSparks JSON WEB Token section on the REST APIs Overview page. Accounts must have "Data Explorer" permissions to call the Data Export API.

Discovering the Endpoint

The Data Export APIs make use of the previewNosql and liveNosql endpoints which can be discovered using the following API request:


See NoSQL REST API for more information on discovering API endpoints.

NoSQL Data Export

GET {endpoint}/restv2/game/{gameApiKey}/mongo/export

Data Service Export

GET {endpoint}/restv2/game/{gameApiKey}/data/export

Code Examples

Here are some examples using curl to interact with the Data Export APIs.

Generating a JSON web token

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxx' '{gameApiKey}/jwt?expireInSeconds=300'

Generating a presigned URL for NoSQL

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-GS-JWT: {JsonWebToken}' 'https://{gameApiKey}{gameApiKey}/mongo/export'

Generating a presigned URL for Data Service

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-GS-JWT: {JsonWebToken}' 'https://{gameApiKey}{gameApiKey}/data/export'

Additional Information