Construct 2 Achievements

This tutorial shows you how to reward a player with an Achievement configured in the previous tutorial and how to notify the player that they've received it.

Setting up your Listener

Similar to the Leaderboard tutorial, we need to set up a listener for the AchievementEarnedMessage. We can do this by loading the last message received and checking the “@class” of the message to determine if we have earned an Achievement:

Next, we check this JSON value and if it's an AchievementEarnedMessage, then we can fire an action, which in this case is simply displaying the name of the Achievement in text:

Awarding the Achievement to the Player

We'll be using the Event we configured in the previous tutorial to award the player the Cloud Achievement. Since we don’t need to add any attributes or additional data, we can use the out-of-the-box LogEventRequest:

Once sent, the player will receive a message congratulating them on their new Achievement if it's the first time they've earned it!