Lua Leaderboards

This tutorial shows how to send a score from your game, create a Leaderboard entry from it, and set up a message interceptor/listener to process specific messages sent to the currently authenticated player.

Setting Up your Listener

We'll be listening in for the newHighScore message, which will trigger when our player submits a high score for the Leaderboard.

First we'll create the function that will handle the message:

local function onNewHighScoreMessage(newHighScoreMessage)
print("You earned the highscore in the Leaderboard " .. newHighScoreMessage:getLeaderboardName())

The message is received and the Leaderboard name is retrieved then used in a print function.

Bind the function you just made to be invoked each time a newHighScore message is received by the game.


Sending your Player's Score

We'll be using the Event we configured in the previous tutorial to send our player's score to the backend which will process the score and create a Leaderboard entry from it.

local function postScore()
--Build Request
local requestBuilder = gs.getRequestBuilder()
local postScoreRequest = requestBuilder.createLogEventRequest()

--Set values, pay attention to the SCORER variable which is used to send the score to the leaderboard
postScoreRequest:setEventAttribute("SCORER", 1201)

--Send Request


Once the score has been sent and the high score has been beaten, your player will receive a message congratulating them on beating the high score.

To look at the results of the Leaderboard, create a LeaderboardDataRequest and set the value for entries you want back and the Short Code for the Leaderboard you wish to view:

local function printEntries()
--Build Request
local requestBuilder = gs.getRequestBuilder()
local getEntryRequest = requestBuilder.createLeaderboardDataRequest()

--Set values

--Process response by printing the entries in the format Username, Score then Rank using a for loop. Use getAttribute() for your custom values
     local entries = response:getData()
     for i, entry in pairs(entries) do
         print(entry:getUserName() , entry:getAttribute("SCORER") , entry:getRank())


These are the basics of:

There are a few more requests that deal with Leaderboards, please check our API documentation for more information.