Construct 2 Leaderboards

This tutorial shows how to send a score from your game, create a Leaderboard entry from it, and set up a message interceptor/listener to process specific messages sent to the currently authenticated player.

Reacting to a New High Score

We want to set up a way to trigger some action when a player submits a new high score. For example, maybe an image appears with "CONGRATULATIONS". When a score is submitted via an Event, sometimes a NewHighScoreMessage will be sent.

Parsing JSON in Construct 2! Remember, you'll need to find a way to parse JSON in Construct 2. We use the JSON plugin by Yann, which the following examples will use.

First, we need to set up our Message listener. This will monitor all incoming messages and load them into a JSON object:

Now that we have JSON being loaded for every Message coming in, we need to find a way to react specifically to the NewHighScoreMessage. We can do this by checking the "@class" key once we have valid JSON. If it's NewHighScoreMessage, then we can trigger a custom action:

Submitting a Score

As we found in the previous tutorial, we want to send a request to an Event. In that tutorial, we saw how to set up this Event. Now let's send a score to the Leaderboard.

If the score is the new high score, you should be getting the NewHighScoreMessage we described above. Since we’re setting some custom data, we’ll have to use the "SendWithData" action.

Loading Leaderboard Data

We can submit a LeaderboardDataRequest to retrieve an array of Leaderboard entries for a given Leaderboard:

We can then retrieve these data and load them into a JSON object by setting up an "onLeaderboardDataResponse" or "onCustomResponse" listener:

We now have a valid JSON object full of Leaderboard data. However, iterating through an array of JSON objects in Construct 2 is not straightforward. One way we can go about doing this is by using a System action that will repeat for a given count of values. In this case, the count will be the length of the array of entries returned by the LeaderboardDataRequest. In this example, we simply append the specific Leaderboard data to a Text string, but it's possible to store these values into variables, strings, array objects, and so on:

More Leaderboards Requests? There are a few more requests that deal with Leaderboards, please check our API Documentation under the Request API section for more information.