FAQs - Unreal

How can I end a player's session?

You can use the disconnect function from the module through the GS component or GS Object to end a player's session.

My requests are not working, why?

Use Unreal's console log to read the flow of JSON from GameSparks. Here you can see if your requests are returning errors. Common mistakes are not authenticating after connecting. Websockets need to be authenticated before you invoke requests. Another common error is typos - double check your Short Codes.

Why am I getting strange behavior when I run multiple clients and a dedicated server from my Editor?

GameSparks uses a websocket to connect to your client. The Unreal Editor is considered the client when you're developing. Hence, multiple clients on one Editor will be using the same websocket and overwriting each other's authentication. To test GameSparks properly, open multiple Editors or multiple games.