GameSparks Profiler

The GameSparks Profiler allows you to collect and inspect performance metrics for your Cloud Code. When you enable the GameSparks Profiler, you can view a range of performance metrics for any Cloud Code that is invoked - directly or indirectly - when you run the Event, Request, Response, or Message:

By inspecting and analyzing these profile performance metrics, you can quickly identify and address performance issues that arise for any of the Cloud Code you've built into your game.

Identifying Performance Issues? You can identify performance issues with calls you are making into the platform in the first instance by using the API Stream Analytics data tool. See this page for details of how to do this.

Enabling the Profiler

To enable profiling for Cloud Code, in the Debug section of the Test Harness select the Profile checkbox:

Debug Disabled! When you enable the Profiler, the Debugger is disabled and any Cloud Code that runs for an Event, Request, Response, or Message will be run without the Debugger showing.

Working with the Profiler

With the Profiler enabled, when you run an Event or submit a Request that has Cloud Code directly attached to it or indirectly associated with it - perhaps attached to a Response or Message that is invoked - profile data for performance of the Cloud Code is gathered. You can then view and analyze these performance profile data, allowing you to identify and remedy any performance issues with that Cloud Code.

The performance profile metrics and how to view them are explained in the context of the following Cloud Code profiling example.

Cloud Code Profiling Example

In this example:

1. Open the Test Harness and in the Debug panel select the Profile checkbox. Note that the checkboxes for Debug mode are grayed out.

2. Authenticate for a player that's already registered for your game.

3. Select the Event or Request whose Cloud Code you want to profile - here we'll select the LOAD_PLAYER Event under Log Event.

4. Under JSON click Send Request.

5. In the Inspector, click View Profile:

The Profile panel opens for the Cloud Code that's been executed:

Note that:

6. Use the Metric drop-down to select another performance metric: