Creating and Managing Screen Snapshots

In the same way that you can create and publish Snapshots of your game's configuration, you can create a Screen Snapshot of the configuration you have built up in the Manage section of the portal for your Screens, Snippets, and Charts. The Screen Snapshot feature is specifically designed to:

This topic explains how to create and manage your Screen Snapshots.

Screen Snapshots and Game Config Snapshots?

It's important to note at the outset that the Manage configuration saved when you create a Screen Snapshot is kept entirely separate and distinct from the rest of the Game configuration - game Snapshots do not contain the Manage configuration. This strict separation of Manage configuration and game configuration brings clear advantages:

IMPORTANT: Publish a Game Config Snapshot FIRST! Before you publish a Screen Snapshot for your game, you must first publish a game configuration Snapshot. This is because until you publish a game configuration Snapshot to Live, your game will not be recognized by the Live servers.

Adding a Screen Snapshot

1. Go to Manage>Admin Screens.

2. On the Screen Snapshot panel, click Add:

A Create Screen Snapshot dialog appears.

3. Enter a Description for the new Screen Snapshot and click Create:

The dialog closes and the new Screen Snapshot is added to the Screen Snapshots list:

Under Actions you can use these icon button options:

Important! Don't worry about overwriting the target game's Manage configuration. There is a fail-safe - a Screen Snapshot of the target game's previous Manage configuration version is automatically created (called AUTOSAVE - Pre Copy) before the copy occurs.

Copying a Screen Snapshot

Many of the Admin Screens and their constituent Snippets and Charts that you've developed for one of your games might be of use in another game - even if you have to make some minor adjustments to the way they work and the data they show for the second game. The Screen Snapshot copy feature lets you quickly copy a saved version of your game's Manage configuration into another game's Manage section.

1. On the Screen Snapshots panel, click to copy a Screen Snapshot. A Copy Snapshot dialog appears.

2. Use the Game drop-down to select the target game to which you want to copy the Screen Snapshot and click Copy:

When the copy process completes, you'll get a message:

3. Click to Close the message dialog:

4. Now open the target game you selected for the Screen Snapshot copy and navigate to Manage>Admin Screens:

Notice that:

Publishing a Screen Snapshot

Publishing a Screen Snapshot places the Manage configuration saved in the Snapshot into the LIVE environment:

1. On the Screen Snapshots panel, click to publish a Screen Snapshot. The Screen Snapshot is published and is highlighted in Green:

WARNING: Publish Game Config Snapshot first! Before you publish a Screen Snapshot, make sure you have published a game configuration Snapshot first. See previous section.

Reverting to a Screen Snapshot

If you have accidentally removed some Manage configuration details or if something recently went wrong, you might want to revert to an earlier version of your Manage configuration which was saved under an earlier Screen Snapshot.

Published Snapshots? You can't revert your Manage configuration to a published Screen Snapshot.

1. On the Screen Snapshots panel, click to revert to an earlier Screen Snapshot:

A confirmation dialog appears:

2. Click Ok to continue with reverting to the Screen Snapshot.

Snapshot AUTOSAVE! When you revert to a Screen Snapshot, your current Manage configuration is saved automatically to create a Screen Snapshot of the configuration as it was before the revert: