FAQs - Snapshots

I've added something to my GameSparks configuration but why isn't my client picking up those changes?

It's likely that the changes you made are still in the current game configuration 'workspace' and not actually part of your latest Snapshot that has been published to Live. On the Game Overview page, create a new game configuration Snapshot and then publish this new Snapshot for these changes to take effect on the Live stage.

When I copy a Snapshot to another game, what data is copied to the target game?

Meta Collections, the game configuration, Downloadables, and the game's Collaborators can all be copied when copying a Snapshot over to another game. Data stored in runtime collections and game Data Types are not included when copying a Snapshot to another game.

If I copy a Snapshot to another game, do I need to make a backup of that target game's configuration first?

No. There is a failsafe built-in for when you do this and a Snapshot of the target game's configuration is made automatically before the copy over occurs.