The Snapshots feature allows you to Create, Copy, Delete, Publish, Revert, Preview, and Unpublish the configuration of your Game, allowing for in-depth management of each stage of the release.

Game Snapshots, Screen Snapshots, and Experiments! Game Snapshots do not contain any of the Manage section configuration you've built up for your Admin Screens nor any of the Experiment configuration. You can create separate Screen Snapshots for the Manage or Experiment configuration and publish these to the Live environment independently of your game Snapshots. However, you must publish a game Snapshot to Live before you publish a Screen Snapshot to Live or publish an Experiment to Live. For details, see below.

IMPORTANT! If your game is Development Pricing Tier, you won't be able to publish a Snapshot to Live - you must first upgrade to Standard Pricing Tier to be able to do this. For details on how to upgrade your game's Pricing Tier, please see the Game Overview page. For details of what's included for the different Pricing Tiers, please see our Pricing webpage.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about working with Snapshots.

Snapshots - Creation and Basics

You can create a Snapshot of the current game configuration by clicking Create in the Snapshots section on the Game Overview page.

A Create Game Snapshot dialog appears where you can enter a description of the Snapshot.

Click Create to create the Snapshot:

You can then use icon button options (highlighted):

Important! Don't worry about overwriting the target game's configuration. There is a fail-safe - a Snapshot of the target game's previous version is automatically created (called "AUTOSAVE - Pre Copy") before the copy occurs.

Game Data Indexes and Snapshots

When you create a game Snapshot, any indexes for Data Types you've created using the Game Data Service will be made available for your game's Live stage when you publish the Snapshot:

For more details, see the Data Types in Preview and Live section on the Data Explorer page

Mongo Database Collections for Snapshots

When you take a Snapshot, the platform records all of your game's configuration into a configuration set:

What is not Included in Game Snapshots?

Two areas of your game are not included in a game Snapshot:

Note: Although Screen Snapshots and Experiment configurations are kept separate from your game configuration, you must publish a game Snapshot to Live before you publish a Screen Snapshot or Experiment to Live.

Copying a Snapshot

The Copy Snapshot dialog gives you options for customizing your copy.

Choosing the Target Game for your Copy

On the Copy Snapshot dialog, you can use the Game drop-down to choose to copy the Snapshot to a new game or to overwrite an existing game that you have access to and have permissions to edit. When the copy completes, a confirmation dialog appears and you can click to view the target game:

Choosing What to Include in your Copy

When you select what to include when you copy a Snapshot, it's important to be clear about what is and what is not included in a Snapshot:

On the Copy Snapshot dialog, you can select what you want to include in the copy using four check boxes:

Deleting a Snapshot

When you select delete, a warning/confirmation dialog appears. Press Ok to confirm only if you are absolutely sure you want to delete the Snapshot.

Publishing a Snapshot

Publishing a Snapshot places the configuration of the game into the Live environment, where the game can then be accessed by your players. For in-depth tutorial on versioning read here.

Once you confirm your selection to publish the Snapshot, it will be highlighted in green within the list of Snapshots:

Going Live Checklist! Before you publish your Snapshot to Live, please review the Going Live Checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Publishing a Snapshot for the First Time

When you publish one of your game's Snapshots from Preview to Live for the first time, a confirmation dialog appears. This acts as a reminder, which you can use to finally decide on the Primary Region for your game:


Reverting a Snapshot

You might want to revert to earlier version of your game configuration or saved metadata collections if you have accidentally removed some configuration details or if something recently went wrong. When Reverting to a Snapshot you'll be prompted for a confirmation.

Snapshot AUTOSAVE! When you revert a Snapshot, your current configuration is saved to create an automatic Snapshot of everything as it was before the revert:

Previewing a Snapshot

You can preview a Snapshot and inspect the game configuration of that Snapshot, which saves you having to fully revert to it then having to revert back to your original state. In Snapshot Preview mode, all game configuration editing is disabled and you'll see what's being previewed at the top of the page:

Snapshot Preview Scope? The scope of game Snapshot Preview mode is restricted to the Configurator pages in the portal, so the Manage section is not affected when you are in this mode.

Game Overview Editing? Note that in Snapshot Preview mode, you can still perform editing for game details, such as adding Groups for User Management.

Unpublishing a Snapshot

You might inadvertently publish a Snapshot to the game's Live stage, for example:

In such cases as these, you won't want to revert to another Snapshot. However, you can quickly unpublish the Snapshot:

1. In the Snapshots panel, click the unpublish icon on the published Snapshot:

A confirmation dialog appears:

2. Click Ok. The dialog closes and you will see the Snapshot as unpublished in the Snapshots panel and no longer highlighted in green: