FAQs - Player Data Management

Can I change the Username or DisplayName of my players?

Yes. You can use the ChangeUserDetailsRequest to change either of these fields.

How do I access the data stored on the GameSparks player account?

You can use the AccountDetailsRequest to do this. You can also retrieve specific pieces of data from the player document by using SparkPlayer calls in Cloud Code.

Can I delete a player and their data from GameSparks?

Yes. You can do this with the SparkPlayer deletePlayer() call. For custom data, you'll need to remove this yourself. See our Player Data Management page for more details.

What data can I store in player scriptData?

You can use player scriptData to store data that is relevant to the current player that doesn't need to be queried by other players. An example of this would be the current level a player is on or a player's current skill level. We advise that you keep the amount of data you store here to a minimum. For things like game inventories, you should use the Game Data Service.

Is there any way I can keep a count of players are currently online in my game?

Yes. You can use Redis to store this data. For a worked example that shows you how to do this, see this Tips & Tricks article.