FAQs - Virtual Goods

Can I set up my Virtual Good to be purchased with my game Currencies for In-App purchases?

Yes. For details of how to set up in-app purchases for your Virtual Goods and check your set up in the Test Harness, see the Managing In-App Purchases tutorial.

Can I configure my Virtual Good as a Currency Pack to be bought with real money?

Yes. You can do this by setting the configuration of Type for your Virtual Good to Currency Pack and linking it to the product id on the relevant store. For more details on how to do this and what this means, see the Virtual Goods documentation page.

When I'm configuring a Virtual Good, it looks like there are two types of Currency that I can use to price a Virtual Good. Is this correct?

Yes. There are two types of Currency that you can use to price the Virtual Goods in your game:

I'd like to set up a Virtual Good for my game so that it costs multiple game Currencies and not just a single game Currency to be purchased. Is this possible?

Yes. You can set up the Virtual Goods for your game to cost multiple currencies. For details on how to do this, see this Tips & Tricks article.