FAQs - Segments

Can I use segments for Virtual Good price changes in my game?

Yes. You can use Segments to create different sale prices for the Virtual Goods in your game and apply these different prices to players by placing players in the different Segments. For more details on how to segment your Virtual Goods, see the Virtual Goods Segmentation section on the Virtual Goods page.

Is there a way to use Segments to control player progression in my game?

Yes. Segments can be used to control various elements of player progression, whether it be iterations on Virtual Goods or variations in the properties of player items. For an example of this sort of use of Segments in your game, see Example 4 in the Direct Segmentation for Configurables tutorial.

I want to place a player in a specific Segment on the basis of a value that is stored in the player's scriptData. Is there a way I can do this?

Yes. You can create a Segment Query Filter and use the Segment Key value to evaluate a value stored on a players scriptData, for example: scriptData.level. You can then use this filter as part of your Segment Query. See the Using Custom Segment Query Filters tutorial for more details.