What are Properties?

GameSparks Properties give you a mechanism for customizing your player experience without being restricted to platform capabilities. Using Properties, you can:

When you create a Property, you create an arbitrary data set which you can then exploit for custom game configuration.

What are Property Sets?

Property Sets allow you to group your Properties together. You can then segment your Property Sets and introduce an extra dimension to your Properties configuration. By segmenting Property Sets, you can ensure that different sets of Properties control game behavior for different player groups.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about creating and managing Properties and Property Sets.

Tutorial! Check out our Segmented Properties tutorial for details on how to create and work with Properties and Property Sets and how to add segmented values for Properties.

Managing Properties and Property Sets

Go to Configurator > Properties to create and manage your Property Sets and Properties:

The page opens with the Property Sets tab selected and you can use the following options (highlighted above):

Select the Properties tab where you can use the same options to manage your Properties.

Creating Properties

1. Select the Properties tab and click Add. The page adjusts:

2. Enter the details of the Property:

3. Click to Save and Close the new Property.

Creating Property Sets and Adding Property Set Keys

1. Select the Property Sets tab and click Add. The page adjusts:

2. Enter the details of the Property Set:

You can now add Property Set Keys to your Property Set and map these to Properties.

3. On the Property Set Keys panel, click Add:

Cannot add Property Set Keys? In order to add a Property Set Key to a Property Set, you must first create at least one Property for your game. If you haven't yet created at least one Property, you'll see a warning on the Property Set Keys panel and the Add button will not be available when you create and edit Property Sets.

4. Click to Save and Close the new Property Set.