The GameSparks platform allows you to send messages to your players. These can be:

This section explains how to set up and configure messages for your game.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about working with Messages.

Global and User Messages

Across the platform a general distinction is made between Global and User messages:

Message Configuration

1. Navigate to Configurator > Messages.

The Messages page contains two tabs:

2. To configure a standard message type, click the edit icon for a message. The page adjusts:

In this example, the AchievementEarnedMessage is shown.

3. Enter the details for the message:

Viber Integration! Viber integration is available only on request. Please contact Viber directly requesting GameSparks integration if you are interested.

4. If the standard configuration available for your push notification messages doesn't give you what you want, you can use Advanced configuration for 4 supported providers. For each of these, a JSON template editor is provided, for example iOS for Apple:

Here are some examples of the formats you can use for these providers:

Provider Documentation! Please read the relevant provider-side documentation to ensure the message format you use is valid for the receiving device.

Script Message Extensions

GameSparks allows you to create custom messages, which you can send from your Cloud Code.

1. Select the Script Message Extensions tab and click Add:

Different Messages for Different Players

You can use segmentation to send players different messages:

More Details on Segmentation? For more details on how to set up and work with segmentation, click here.