FAQs - Matches

I've configured a Match, but when I try to matchmake in the Test Harness using the Match configuration I get an error?

Go back and check your Match configuration to ensure you have at least one Threshold configured for the Match. If you don't, when you try to matchmake you'll get an error.

I'm encountering an issue with my Match, which I've configured for manual matching. Although I'm sure a Match is being found by the matchmaking process, the Match is not being made. What could be causing this?

If you use manual matching, an "availability lag" might occur and prevent the Match being made. This would happen in cases where the matchmaking process has presented the results for players meeting the matching criteria, but by the time your custom mechanism actually completes the Match one or more of the matched players is no longer available and the Match will not go through.

I don't see Matches within my game Configurator. Can I use this feature?

The GameSparks Matchmaking feature is reserved for customers who are on our Enterprise Pricing Tier. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss using this feature with us.