Running Totals

You can use Running Totals to process Events using the GameSparks scoring and ranking systems.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about working with Running Totals.

Running Totals for Simple and Advanced Leaderboards

It's important to understand right at the outset that there are two ways you can set up Running Totals for your Leaderboards:

1. Running Totals for Simple Leaderboards. You don't need to configure a specific Running Total when you're creating simple Leaderboards, because the Default Aggregation Type on the Event Attribute screen will have auto-created your Running Total as a System Generated Running Total:

Event Attributes not Available as Running Totals! There is an exception - If you select Used in Script as the Default Aggregation Type for an Event Attribute, then the Event/Attribute will not be available as a Running Total for your Leaderboards.

2. Running Totals for Advanced Leaderboards. For more advanced scenarios - such as a Leaderboard for "Most Improved Player in Last [x] Weeks" - you'll need to add new User Configured custom Running Totals:

IMPORTANT: Event/Attributes with Used in Script Default Aggregation Types ARE available for User Configured Running Totals! Event/Attributes with a Default Aggregation Type set to Used In Script are not available as Running Totals when you configure a Leaderboard's fields. However, they are available for setting up the Collectors for User Configured Running Totals. This is because the Calculation Type you select for a Running Total's Collector always overrides the Default Aggregation Type selected for the Event/Attribute.

Managing Running Total Configurations

The Running Totals tab on the Configurator>Leaderboards page displays a list of existing User Configured Running Totals and allows you to create new Running Totals and edit or delete (non-system type) existing ones:

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

When a player posts an Event to the platform, all Running Totals associated with the Event are processed. An important concept is that of a Group Attribute.

Creating a Running Total Configuration

Click to Add a new User Configured Running Total. The page adjusts:

You can enter the details of the new Running Total:

Adding Collectors for Running Totals

If you want a User Configured Running Total to be available for use on your game's Leaderboards, you must add Collectors. To add Collectors to your Running Total, click Add:

Each Running Total Collector has the following fields: