Leaderboards are typically restricted to tracking and reporting the leading players in a game. GameSparks Leaderboards offer you a much wider and flexible scope, both for tracking comparisons within your player pool and for controlling how comparisons are displayed in-game to the players:

Best Practices To make sure your game performs and scales well, see GameSparks Best Practices, Leaderboards.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about working with Leaderboards.

Managing Leaderboard Configurations

The Configurator Leaderboards page displays the list of Leaderboards and allows you to create new Leaderboards and edit or delete existing ones:

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating a Leaderboard Configuration

Click Add to create a new Leaderboard.

Creating Leaderboard Fields

To complete a Leaderboard configuration, you can add Fields. Each Field refers to a Running Total Collector.

Selecting Running Totals? When you start to add fields for your Leaderboard's Running Total Collectors, you can select from two kinds of Running Total - (i) Event/Attributes you've created and which qualify as System Generated Running Totals or (ii) custom User Configured Running Totals that you've configured for a Leaderboard's specific purpose. For simple ranking Leaderboards, you can use a System Generated Running Total that uses the appropriate aggregation type. For more complex Leaderboards, such as one that tracks the most improved player at a specific game level or most improved player over the last month, a custom User Configured Running Total will be required. For more information, see Running Totals.

In the Fields panel, click to Add fields to a Leaderboard:

Deleting Leaderboard Fields

You can click the delete icon to remove a Field from your Leaderboard.

Updating a Leaderboard Configuration

You can click the edit icon to update a Leaderboard configuration.

IMPORTANT - Leaderboard entries will be lost! If the Leaderboard has had entries posted to it, these entries will be lost when you save your editing changes and update the Leaderboard's configuration.