FAQs - Integrations

Nintendo Integration

I'm getting errors when I try to Authenticate via NXConnectRequest. Why is this?

This can happen because you have an environment mismatch. The Nintendo environment that players originate from must match the environment you are integrating your GameSparks backend with. This is because players created in Nintendo environment A, for example, only exist within environment A. Your integration must be directed at the correct environment, depending on your needs (QA, Lotcheck, Dev, Live).

Nintendo Integration - Testing

To pass lotcheck Nintendo wish to test my App. What are the common pitfalls?

There are two common pitfalls here that you should be aware of:

1. Game Binaries:

2. Failure to authenticate for QA accounts:

How do I service Live players and QA during the testing process?

On the client, you can determine the Nintendo environment a player belongs to via their Nintendo Account. Using this, you can point the player at the appropriate GameSparks API for that particular integration.

How do I direct my client at the correct environment?

The Settings object which is utilized in the SDK can be overridden to point to a particular GameSparks Environment. For example, during QA, Nintendo QA accounts should point to your QA integration on GameSparks.

Facebook Integration

Can I integrate my Facebook Messenger Game with GameSparks?

Yes. Using SparkHttp, you can utilize Facebooks Game Bot and webhook functionality to integrate your Messenger game. You can read more about this here.