You can use Events to define custom data structures that you want to pass into the platform via the LogEventRequest and LogChallengeEventRequest API calls.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about creating and managing your game's Events.

Managing Event Configurations

The Configurator Events page lists Events and allows you to create new Events and edit or delete existing ones.

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Events with Cloud Code! You cannot delete an Event that has Cloud Code script attached to it. To fully delete an Event's Cloud Code, you must open the Cloud Editor for the Event and click Delete.

Creating a New Event Configuration

The Create/Edit screen contains the following fields:

Creating Event Attributes

Each Event can have a number of Attributes associated with it.

Add an Attribute by clicking Add. Each Attribute has a number of different configuration options:

Understanding Event Attributes as Leaderboard Running Totals

How do Event Attributes become Available as Running Totals?

If you want an Event/Attribute to be available for selection as a Running Total when you create and configure Leaderboards for your game, two conditions must be met:

Events with Attributes that meet these two conditions become System Generated Running Totals. Running Totals are more fully explained here.

What is the Significance of the Event Attribute's Default Aggregation Type Setting?

When you create an Event/Attribute that qualifies as a Running Total, you'll be able to use that directly as a System Generated Running Total to configure a Leaderboard for your game. If you do this, the Running Total will aggregate the Leaderboard data according to the Default Aggregation Type setting you've selected for the Event/Attribute.

However, on the Configurator>Leaderboards page on the Running Totals tab, you can also create your own customized User Configured Running Totals, which are based on the Event/Attributes that qualify as Running Totals. When you create a User Configured Running Total, you can select a Calculation Type for how the Running Total will aggregate data for your Leaderboards and this aggregation method will override the Default Aggregation Type you originally selected for the Event/Attribute on which the User Configured Running Total is based.