FAQs - Downloadables

Can I increase the Downloable size from 20mb?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an increase on this size. Please work within the system limits.

My Downloadable URL has expired. How can I get a new one?

URLs are short-lived, so instead of caching the URL on your local client, please use a GetDownloadableRequest to retrieve a new short-lived URL from GameSparks to download your file.

Working with Uploadables?

Can I upload binary content to my game?

Yes. Uploadables can be used to do this. You can use the GetUploadUrlRequest to obtain a time sensitive url to post your file to. The GetUploadedRequest can be used to obtain a url for downloading the file. Please see our System Limits page for the limit imposed on an Uploadable asset.

When should I use an Uploadable?

Use them for files that don't need to be updated often. An example would be a user created map. A player inventory that gets updated regularly would not be suitable as an Uploadable - please use the Game Data Service for this kind of case.