This section of the Configurator allows you to upload and manage binary data - for example, content such as new levels. You just need to upload the file and assign it a Short Code. When you've added a binary object in this way, you can then access it from within Cloud Code and do whatever you want with it - for example distribute it to certain players under certain conditions.

Note: The platform also supports the uploading of binary content directly from your game using the API, which allows player-created content, such as photos or custom levels, to be uploaded and stored.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about working with Downloadables.

Managing Downloadables

The Configurator > Downloadables page displays the list of Downloadables:

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating New Downloadable Content

1. Click Add to create a new piece of Downloadable content:

2. Next enter a Short Code and then click Browse to select the downloadable file.

3. Click to Save and Close:

4. When you have created several Downloadables, you can click the Uploading button and review and remove your completed Uploads:

API Request

The GetDownloadableRequest returns a secure, time sensitive URL to allow the game to download a piece of downloadable content stored in the GameSparks platform.

Accessing the Downloadable from Cloud Code

Both XML and JSON Downloadables can be accessed from Cloud Code via the SparkFiles object.