GameSparks Achievements support the rewarding of players for accomplishments within the game. An Achievement is highly configurable with respect to both the reward and the criteria for when it's delivered:

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about creating and managing Achievements.

Managing Achievement Configurations

The Configurator > Achievements page displays the list of Achievements. You can create new Achievements and edit or delete existing ones:

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating an Achievement Configuration

1. Click to Add a new Achievement. The Add Achievement page opens:

2. Enter your Achievement details:

3. Click to Save and Close the new Achievement.

Adding Achievement Triggers

1. If you've selected a Leaderboard for an Achievement, in the Triggers panel you can click to Add a trigger for non-scripted Achievements:

2. Enter the Trigger details:

Operator Filtering
* Any Value
= Value equal to
!= Value not equal to
< Value less than
> Value greater than
<= Value less than or equal to
>= Value greater than or equal to
% Value is divisible by

3. Click to Save and Close the Trigger you've added to your Achievement.

Example Triggers

Example 1: If you want to award the user for getting a score over 100 on a Leaderboard, you'd have a set up similar to this:

Example 2: If you want to award an Achievement for being top of the global Leaderboard, you'd have the following configuration: