Allows a player's internal profile to be disconnected from an external system to which it is linked. Any friends linked as result of this connection will be removed.

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Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
systemId No string The external system from which to disconnect this profile, supplied as a two letter ID. The options are: {FACEBOOK:FB, AMAZON:AM, GAME_CENTER:GC

Response Parameters

A response to a SocialDisconnectRequest

Parameter Type Description
scriptData ScriptData A JSON Map of any data added either to the Request or the Response by your Cloud Code

Nested types


A collection of arbitrary data that can be added to a message via a Cloud Code script.

Parameter Type Description
myKey string An arbitrary data key
myValue JSON An arbitrary data value.

Error Codes

Key Value Description
systemId REQUIRED A systemId from which to disconnect must be provided
systemId NOT_CONNECTED The player does not have a connection with the provided system.
userName CHANGE_REQUIRED If the player's userName was derived from the profile they are disconnecting from, they must change it before they can disconnect. The userName can be changed via a ChangeUserDetailsRequest.
password NOT_SET Before disconnecting, if the player has no other connected profiles then they must have a password set in order to be able to authenticate in the future. A password can be set via a ChangeUserDetailsRequest.

Code Samples


    using GameSparks.Api;
    using GameSparks.Api.Requests;
    using GameSparks.Api.Responses;
    new SocialDisconnectRequest()
        .Send((response) => {
        GSData scriptData = response.ScriptData;

ActionScript 3

    import com.gamesparks.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.requests.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.responses.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.types.*;

        .send(function(response:com.gamesparks.api.responses.SocialDisconnectResponse):void {
        var scriptData:ScriptData = response.getScriptData(); 


    #import "GS.h"
    #import "GSAPI.h"
    GSSocialDisconnectRequest* request = [[GSSocialDisconnectRequest alloc] init];
    [request setSystemId:systemId;
    [request setCallback:^ (GSSocialDisconnectResponse* response) {
    NSDictionary* scriptData = [response getScriptData]; 
    [gs send:request];


    #include <GameSparks/generated/GSRequests.h>
    using namespace GameSparks::Core;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Responses;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Requests;

    void SocialDisconnectRequest_Response(GS& gsInstance, const SocialDisconnectResponse& response) {
    GSData scriptData = response.getScriptData(); 

    SocialDisconnectRequest request(gsInstance);


import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSRequestBuilder.SocialDisconnectRequest;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSResponseBuilder.SocialDisconnectResponse;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSTypes.*;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.GSEventListener;

    .send(new GSEventListener<SocialDisconnectResponse>() {
        public void onEvent(SocialDisconnectResponse response) {

Cloud Code

    var request = new SparkRequests.SocialDisconnectRequest();
    request.systemId = ...;
    var response = request.Send();

var scriptData = response.scriptData;