Gets the details of a challenge. The current player must be involved in the challenge for the request to succeed.

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Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
challengeInstanceId Yes string The ID of the challenge
message No string An optional message to send with the challenge

Response Parameters

A response containing the details of a challenge

Parameter Type Description
challenge Challenge A JSON object representing the challenge.
scriptData ScriptData A JSON Map of any data added either to the Request or the Response by your Cloud Code

Nested types


A collection of arbitrary data that can be added to a message via a Cloud Code script.

Parameter Type Description
myKey string An arbitrary data key
myValue JSON An arbitrary data value.


An object representing a player's id and name

Parameter Type Description
externalIds JSON A player's external identifiers
id string A player's id
name string A player's name


A nested object that represents the challenge data.

Parameter Type Description
accepted PlayerDetail[] A list of PlayerDetail objects that represents the players that have accepted this challenge.
challengeId string A unique identifier for this challenge.
challengeMessage string The message included in the challenge by the challenging player who created the challenge.
challengeName string The name of the challenge that this message relates to.
challenged PlayerDetail[] A list of PlayerDetail objects that represents the players that were challenged in this challenge.
challenger PlayerDetail Details of the player who issued this challenge.
currency1Wager number The amount of type 1 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currency2Wager number The amount of type 2 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currency3Wager number The amount of type 3 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currency4Wager number The amount of type 4 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currency5Wager number The amount of type 5 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currency6Wager number The amount of type 6 currency that has been wagered on this challenge.
currencyWagers JSON An object representing the currencies that have been wagered on this challenge.
declined PlayerDetail[] A list of PlayerDetail objects that represents the players that have declined this challenge.
endDate date The date when the challenge ends.
expiryDate date The latest date that a player can accept the challenge.
maxTurns number The maximum number of turns that this challenge is configured for.
nextPlayer string In a turn based challenge this fields contains the player's id whose turn it is next.
scriptData ScriptData[] ScriptData is arbitrary data that can be stored in a challenge instance by a Cloud Code script.
shortCode string The challenge's short code.
startDate date The date when the challenge starts.
turnCount PlayerTurnCount[] A collection containing the number of turns taken by each player that has accepted the challenge.


Represents the number of turns a player has taken in a turn based challenge.

Parameter Type Description
count string The number of turns that the player has taken so far during this challenge.
playerId string The unique player id.

Error Codes

Key Value Description
challengeInstanceId INVALID The supplied challengeInstanceId does not match a challenge related to the current player

Code Samples


    using GameSparks.Api;
    using GameSparks.Api.Requests;
    using GameSparks.Api.Responses;
    new GetChallengeRequest()
        .Send((response) => {
        GetChallengeResponse._Challenge challenge = response.Challenge;
        GSData scriptData = response.ScriptData;

ActionScript 3

    import com.gamesparks.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.requests.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.responses.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.types.*;

        .send(function(response:com.gamesparks.api.responses.GetChallengeResponse):void {
        var challenge:Challenge = response.getChallenge(); 
        var scriptData:ScriptData = response.getScriptData(); 


    #import "GS.h"
    #import "GSAPI.h"
    GSGetChallengeRequest* request = [[GSGetChallengeRequest alloc] init];
    [request setChallengeInstanceId:challengeInstanceId;
    [request setMessage:message;
    [request setCallback:^ (GSGetChallengeResponse* response) {
    GSChallenge* challenge = [response getChallenge]; 
    NSDictionary* scriptData = [response getScriptData]; 
    [gs send:request];


    #include <GameSparks/generated/GSRequests.h>
    using namespace GameSparks::Core;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Responses;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Requests;

    void GetChallengeRequest_Response(GS& gsInstance, const GetChallengeResponse& response) {
    Types::Challenge* challenge = response.getChallenge(); 
    GSData scriptData = response.getScriptData(); 

    GetChallengeRequest request(gsInstance);


import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSRequestBuilder.GetChallengeRequest;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSResponseBuilder.GetChallengeResponse;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSTypes.*;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.GSEventListener;

    .send(new GSEventListener<GetChallengeResponse>() {
        public void onEvent(GetChallengeResponse response) {
            Challenge challenge = response.getChallenge(); 

Cloud Code

    var request = new SparkRequests.GetChallengeRequest();
    request.challengeInstanceId = ...;
    request.message = ...;
    var response = request.Send();

var challenge = response.challenge; 
var scriptData = response.scriptData;