Lists existing bulk jobs.

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Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
bulkJobIds No string[] The IDs of existing bulk jobs to get details for

Response Parameters

A response listing existing bulk jobs

Parameter Type Description
bulkJobs BulkJob[] A list of JSON objects containing bulk jobs
scriptData ScriptData A JSON Map of any data added either to the Request or the Response by your Cloud Code

Nested types


A collection of arbitrary data that can be added to a message via a Cloud Code script.

Parameter Type Description
myKey string An arbitrary data key
myValue JSON An arbitrary data value.


A nested object that represents the bulk job.

Parameter Type Description
actualCount number The actual count of players affected by the bulk job (calculated when the job started to run)
completed date The time at which the bulk job completed execution
created date The time at which the bulk job was created
data DBObject Data to be passed into the Module or Script
doneCount number The number of players processed by the bulk job so far
errorCount number The number of errors encountered whilst running the Module or Script for players
estimatedCount number The estimated count of players affected by the bulk job (estimated when the job was submitted)
id string The ID for the bulk job
moduleShortCode string The Cloud Code Module to run for each player
playerQuery DBObject The query to identify players to perform the bulk job on
scheduledTime date The time at which the job was scheduled to run
script string The Cloud Code script to run for each player
started date The time at which the bulk job started to execute
state string The current state of the bulk job

Code Samples


    using GameSparks.Api;
    using GameSparks.Api.Requests;
    using GameSparks.Api.Responses;
    new ListBulkJobsAdminRequest()
        .Send((response) => {
        GSEnumerable<ListBulkJobsAdminResponse._BulkJob> bulkJobs = response.BulkJobs;
        GSData scriptData = response.ScriptData;

ActionScript 3

    import com.gamesparks.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.requests.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.responses.*;
    import com.gamesparks.api.types.*;

        .send(function(response:com.gamesparks.api.responses.ListBulkJobsAdminResponse):void {
        var bulkJobs:Vector.<BulkJob> = response.getBulkJobs(); 
        var scriptData:ScriptData = response.getScriptData(); 


    #import "GS.h"
    #import "GSAPI.h"
    GSListBulkJobsAdminRequest* request = [[GSListBulkJobsAdminRequest alloc] init];
    [request setBulkJobIds:bulkJobIds;
    [request setCallback:^ (GSListBulkJobsAdminResponse* response) {
    NSArray* bulkJobs = [response getBulkJobs]; 
    NSDictionary* scriptData = [response getScriptData]; 
    [gs send:request];


    #include <GameSparks/generated/GSRequests.h>
    using namespace GameSparks::Core;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Responses;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Requests;

    void ListBulkJobsAdminRequest_Response(GS& gsInstance, const ListBulkJobsAdminResponse& response) {
    gsstl:vector<Types::BulkJob*> bulkJobs = response.getBulkJobs(); 
    GSData scriptData = response.getScriptData(); 

    ListBulkJobsAdminRequest request(gsInstance);


import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSRequestBuilder.ListBulkJobsAdminRequest;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSResponseBuilder.ListBulkJobsAdminResponse;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.autogen.GSTypes.*;
import com.gamesparks.sdk.api.GSEventListener;

    .send(new GSEventListener<ListBulkJobsAdminResponse>() {
        public void onEvent(ListBulkJobsAdminResponse response) {
            List<BulkJob> bulkJobs = response.getBulkJobs(); 

Cloud Code

    var request = new SparkRequests.ListBulkJobsAdminRequest();
    request.bulkJobIds = ...;
    var response = request.Send();

var bulkJobs = response.bulkJobs; 
var scriptData = response.scriptData;