A message indicating that there has been an update to a pending match request, but it is not yet complete

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Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
addedPlayers No string[] The players that joined this match
matchData No JSON The arbitrary data that is stored on a pendingMatch in the matchData field
matchGroup No string The group the player was assigned in the matchmaking request
matchId No string The id for this match instance
matchShortCode No string The shortCode of the match type this message for
messageId No string A unique identifier for this message.
notification No boolean Flag indicating whether this message could be sent as a push notification or not.
participants No Participant[] The participants in this match
removedPlayers No string[] The players that left this match
scriptData No ScriptData[] ScriptData is arbitrary data that can be stored in a message by a Cloud Code script.
subTitle No string A textual title for the message.
summary No string A textual summary describing the message's purpose.
title No string A textual title for the message.

Nested types


A nested object that represents a participant in a match.

Parameter Type Description
achievements string[] The achievements of the Player
displayName string The display name of the Player
externalIds JSON The external Id's of the Player
id string The Id of the Player
online boolean The online status of the Player
participantData JSON A JSON Map of any data that was associated to this user
peerId number The peerId of this participant within the match
scriptData JSON The script data of the Player
virtualGoods string[] The virtual goods of the Player


A collection of arbitrary data that can be added to a message via a Cloud Code script.

Parameter Type Description
myKey string An arbitrary data key
myValue JSON An arbitrary data value.

Code Samples


    MatchUpdatedMessage.Listener = (message) => {
    IList<string> addedPlayers = message.AddedPlayers;
    GSData matchData = message.MatchData;
    string matchGroup = message.MatchGroup;
    string matchId = message.MatchId;
    string matchShortCode = message.MatchShortCode;
    string messageId = message.MessageId;
    bool? notification = message.Notification;
    GSEnumerable<MatchUpdatedMessage._Participant> participants = message.Participants;
    IList<string> removedPlayers = message.RemovedPlayers;
    GSEnumerable<GSData> scriptData = message.ScriptData;
    string subTitle = message.SubTitle;
    string summary = message.Summary;
    string title = message.Title;

ActionScript 3

        function (message:MatchUpdatedMessage):void {
        var addedPlayers:Vector.<String> = message.getAddedPlayers(); 
        var matchData:Object = message.getMatchData(); 
        var matchGroup:String = message.getMatchGroup(); 
        var matchId:String = message.getMatchId(); 
        var matchShortCode:String = message.getMatchShortCode(); 
        var messageId:String = message.getMessageId(); 
        var notification:Boolean = message.getNotification(); 
        var participants:Vector.<Participant> = message.getParticipants(); 
        var removedPlayers:Vector.<String> = message.getRemovedPlayers(); 
        var scriptData:Vector.<ScriptData> = message.getScriptData(); 
        var subTitle:String = message.getSubTitle(); 
        var summary:String = message.getSummary(); 
        var title:String = message.getTitle(); 


    [listener onGSMatchUpdatedMessage:^(GSMatchUpdatedMessage* message) {
    NSArray* addedPlayers = [message getAddedPlayers]; 
    NSDictionary* matchData = [message getMatchData]; 
    NSString* matchGroup = [message getMatchGroup]; 
    NSString* matchId = [message getMatchId]; 
    NSString* matchShortCode = [message getMatchShortCode]; 
    NSString* messageId = [message getMessageId]; 
    BOOL notification = [message getNotification]; 
    NSArray* participants = [message getParticipants]; 
    NSArray* removedPlayers = [message getRemovedPlayers]; 
    NSArray* scriptData = [message getScriptData]; 
    NSString* subTitle = [message getSubTitle]; 
    NSString* summary = [message getSummary]; 
    NSString* title = [message getTitle]; 


        new GSEventConsumer<MatchUpdatedMessage>() {
            public void onEvent(MatchUpdatedMessage message) {
        List<String> addedPlayers = message.getAddedPlayers(); 
        GSData matchData = message.getMatchData(); 
        String matchGroup = message.getMatchGroup(); 
        String matchId = message.getMatchId(); 
        String matchShortCode = message.getMatchShortCode(); 
        String messageId = message.getMessageId(); 
        Boolean notification = message.getNotification(); 
        List<Participant> participants = message.getParticipants(); 
        List<String> removedPlayers = message.getRemovedPlayers(); 
        String subTitle = message.getSubTitle(); 
        String summary = message.getSummary(); 
        String title = message.getTitle(); 


    using namespace GameSparks::Core;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Messages;
    void OnMatchUpdatedMessage(GS& gsInstance, const MatchUpdatedMessage& message)
    gsstl:vector<gsstl::string> addedPlayers = message.getAddedPlayers(); 
    GSData matchData = message.getMatchData(); 
    gsstl::string matchGroup = message.getMatchGroup(); 
    gsstl::string matchId = message.getMatchId(); 
    gsstl::string matchShortCode = message.getMatchShortCode(); 
    gsstl::string messageId = message.getMessageId(); 
    Optional::t_BoolOptional notification = message.getNotification(); 
    gsstl:vector<Types::Participant*> participants = message.getParticipants(); 
    gsstl:vector<gsstl::string> removedPlayers = message.getRemovedPlayers(); 
    gsstl:vector<GSData> scriptData = message.getScriptData(); 
    gsstl::string subTitle = message.getSubTitle(); 
    gsstl::string summary = message.getSummary(); 
    gsstl::string title = message.getTitle();