The Game Data Service.


signature N(string shortCode)

returns SparkDataNumberOperand

A condition builder for a numeric attribute


signature S(string shortCode)

returns SparkDataStringOperand

A condition builder for a string attribute


signature createItem(string type, string id)

returns SparkDataItem

Create a new item that can later be persisted. If you insert an item using the same ID as an existing item, then the create action overwrites the existing.


signature getItem(string type, string id)

returns SparkDataGetResult

Loads an item from the database by type and id


signature queryItems(string type, SparkDataCondition condition, SparkDataSortOrder sortOrder)

returns SparkDataQueryResult

Queries the indices for a number of items that match the supplied condition. Queries are eventually consistent. If you use queryItems immediately after you've inserted data, you might not get the expected results returned.


signature sort(string shortCode, boolean ascending)

returns SparkDataSortOrder

A sort builder for ordering query results